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Project Management

Cerulean is experienced in overseeing all aspects of projects from concept to completion.

Stormwater and Pollutant Reduction Planning

Cerulean can provide support towards project identification, determinations on impervious areas, sewershed delineations, and pollutant loads and reductions.

Grant Writing and Administration

Cerulean’s services include grant writing, budget tracking, construction oversight, and reporting.

Public Education & Outreach

Cerulean can provide presentations, and educational materials to support stormwater education and MS4 efforts.

Environmental Compliance & Permitting

Support on agency coordination and securing Federal, State and local permits for implementation of projects.

Workshop and Event coordination

Cerulean is experienced facilitating charrettes, stakeholder meetings, environmental fairs and educational events.

Property Assessments and Evaluations

Cerulean’s services include holistic watershed planning towards identification of suitable locations for stormwater improvements, along with solutions to drainage, erosion, and property management.

Green stormwater infrastructure inspections and performance monitoring

Support is available towards the operation and management of green stormwater infrastructure to ensure proper long term function.


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